Do you currently have a greyhound and can’t adopt another, but your greyhound enjoys the company of other greyhounds?

Did you recently lose a greyhound or other breed of dog and are not ready to adopt again yet?

Are you a college student (and can’t commit to the long-term responsibility of adopting a dog) but enjoy the company of dogs?

Are you retired and have time to devote to volunteering for a good cause?

Then FOSTERING A GREYHOUND may be just the answer for you!

If you have already adopted a greyhound, then you can feel proud that you have helped one greyhound retire to a couch! But if you foster several greyhounds a year, think of how much that will mean to the lives of those greyhounds. You may worry that you would not be able to give up a greyhound easily once it’s been in your home for any length of time (and those of us who have fostered certainly understand that feeling!). But your initial bout of sadness and loss will soon turn to joy and satisfaction once you see your foster greyhound in a loving home and the happy adopters thank you for doing such a good job of getting him/her ready for a new life! You will understand the true meaning of selfless giving!

Since we foster every greyhound that comes into our program, we are always in need of responsible and dedicated foster caregivers to help us. Foster families are the backbone of most greyhound adoption groups; therefore, your willingness to foster is a key part of our work!